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Sabtu, 31 Januari 2015


To whom it may take responsibility,

If Kahlil Gibran said that 'Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, not an opportunity,' now I want to say that 'Responsibility is always a sweet friendship, not an enemy.' I want to be friend with responsibility. What do you feel?

Jumat, 30 Januari 2015

A Journey To Your Couch

Dear my dearest Taiwan Couchsurfing hosts,
Dear Jason in Taichung,
Dear Amedee in Kaohsiung,
Dear Daniel in Tainan,

Somewhere, someday I wish that you will read my letters. At least, you will remember the time we shared our Couchsurfing experiences [that had just happened last days]. I write this letters and call it as 'A Journey To Your Couch'. It was tough enough, but yes, was nice so much. So, I thank you a bunch.

I guessed that all of you didn't know before that I was super unsure before sending a request for you. It was because I had been not active anymore in Couchsurfing since November two thousand and thirteen. I have been too busy with my own dreams and sins. Sometime I studied too far away in the campus that I let hospitality chances slipped away.